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The Ultimate Guide to Supacolour Transfer Printing in New Zealand

the ultimate guide to Supacolour printing apparel in new zealand - branded logo tshirts

Supacolour Transfer Printing (“Supacolour”) is a fantastic way of branding apparel when the design is a little too complicated for screen printing. The technique combines the best of old and new technology to create a high-quality transfer that can be printed onto almost anything! Where DTG printing can only be done on cotton garments, Supacolour […]

Screenprinting or Sublimation Printing?

This is something that we get asked a lot, what is the difference between screenprinting and sublimation printing? And which is better? They’re both great printing methods, but here we’ll explain how each one works and hopefully answer any questions that you might have. Screen Printing This technique has historic origins from the Song dynasty […]

Screenprinting T-Shirts

Every day I have customers asking about screenprinting, it’s a tricky process! When Dori Apparel started trading in 2005, I was printing on t-shirts with computer cut heat pressed vinyl transfers. This was a really easy process, but it was slow going, especially for big orders. Because heat pressed vinyl transfers were slow, I looked into screenprinting, […]