Print on Demand for your Dropship Apparel Business in New Zealand

the ultimate guide to dropshipping print on demand apparel printing in new zealand - start a t-shirt brand

Worldwide, printing on demand and dropshipping apparel has become an increasingly popular way for new brands to start their business.

Offering an ability to sell branded apparel, without large upfront costs, overheads or storage fees, this business model is a smart move when done correctly.

In New Zealand, dropshipping options are slim. Shipping from overseas can take months, quality control is iffy, and sizing is complicated.

However, Dori Apparel has helped many businesses in New Zealand, with various levels of dropshipping options, so every designer has the chance to become the next, iconic Kiwi clothing brand.

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Printing Apparel on Demand

Why print on demand services?

Back in the day, there were very few ways to brand apparel – screen printing and embroidery were the two main options.

But both of those options require set up fees and minimum runs, forcing a brand to invest a lot of cash before anything even sold.

If cash-flow isn’t a problem, or you know a design will be popular, those two options are great value.

But for designers who are starting out, you’re already investing a lot of time – you don’t want to be investing a lot of cash, too.

Print on demand options allow new businesses to list products for sale, before the first one is even made. The business only has to buy its printed tees after the customer has already purchased it.

No need to stock up on sizes or colours – buy them as they’re ordered from you!

The 2 different print on demand options:

Dori Apparel offers both DTG printing and Supacolour as print on demand options. They are both very different, though, so it’s worth thinking about both options thoroughly before making a decision.

Direct to garment printing, or DTG, is the true print-on-demand option. Buy one, or  buy 20, the price is the same. 

However, there are some product restrictions that might not suit your brand. We only use DTG on a small range of items and, while it’s great for a one-off print, if you’re looking at printing more than 10 over time, it becomes the more expensive option.

Supacolour is the second, more popular, print on demand option for apparel and accessories. It combines the best of old and new technology to create a high-quality transfer that can be printed onto almost anything!

That includes bags, hoodies, hats and almost any other fabric garment we supply. 

While we require a minimum of 20-prints production at a time, we don’t have to print all 20 at once, allowing you to print only onto the apparel you sell. We simply hold the other prints until you come back to us to print more! Easy!

Technique Apparel Quantity Price per print
DTG T1002, Anvil 980, EHP 1 print, 1 garment $12-$30 per print
Supacolour Almost Any 20 prints, 1 garment at a time $9-$17 per print
Screen Printing Almost Any 20 print, 20 garments at a time Set up + cost PP
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Shipping your Print on Demand apparel

You’ve sold a size large, we’ve printed that size large within 5 working days, and now it’s ready to ship out – but how does the next bit work?

We have 3 options for you to consider, depending on your business model.

Ship to repackage option

For some brands, a big part of their customer experience is the packaging.

Whether you’re wrapping it in branded tissue paper, folding it in your signature style or simply using a special-printed box, you can choose for us to ship it you to, for you to repackage and send out to your customers, in your brand’s signature style.

Shipping rates are our standard Dori Apparel rates, regardless of how many items you purchase at once. This is certainly the simplest option.

Ship direct to customer, basic drop shipping option

Every printed box we ship out is sent with a packing slip (no prices), and special “Dori Apparel” box.

Tracking information can be sent directly to your customer from Dori Apparel, or sent to you to forward onto your customer.

For some brands, this is a great option, as the Dori Apparel name helps build trust with their customers. We would never advertise or sell your designs to someone else, keeping your intellectual property safe – the only place people can buy your designs, is from you! We just print and ship them!

Ship direct to customer, premium drop shipping option

Some brands like to have the whole package supplied by Dori Apparel. 

On all packing slips, emails and postage stickers, our logo will be replaced by yours, making it seem like the package came directly from your business, to your customer.

You’ll be offered a flat, wholesale shipping rate, based on us shipping one tee or hoodie at a time to your customer, so you know exactly what you can expect to pay.

While this option requires a set up fee for us to organise your branding on all materials, it’s the most professional option for any drop shipping business.



Different Techniques to Sell Your Print On Demand Apparel

You’ve got some design options, you’ve figured out which tees and hoodies you want to offer, now what?

There are a few different methods you can use to sell your apparel. Most companies change how they sell as they grow, or vary the options depending on the designs (such as limited editions).

Below, we discuss the different ways our customers like to organise and sell their branded apparel.

Standard Web Sale

Whether you list your products on Facebook, or your very own website, this technique allows your customer to purchase any design, at any time.

This option is great for brands who have heaps of designs to offer that a customer can scroll through, and timeless designs that don’t have a fashionable expiry date.

If you’re planning to sell your apparel as consistently as possible, and you have time to organise the print on demand every day, this is a great option.

If you’re looking to build a basic e-commerce website, we recommend chatting to the team at Dori Media. Mention you’re a Dori Apparel customer and get a special rate!

Limited Editions

Have you ever seen artwork, or cars, that their owners boast are one of only a few of their kind?

Limited Editions are a great way to make your designs feel extra-special. Put a limit on the number of prints you’re going to offer, and don’t pass that amount!

The idea of scarcity will help your design sell and your customers will be stoked to know they’re wearing a really unique garment.

Pre-Sales and Pre-Orders

If you don’t have time to faff with daily sales, merging all your customer orders into a bulk order might be the best option for you.

The time-limit puts a sense of urgency on your customer, making them more likely to press “buy now” instead of waiting for a few days and forgetting entirely.

Additionally, you only have to organise printing all at once, and get everything shipped to you so you can send them all out, or get us to ship them directly to your customers! Either way, do it once and do it well with this method.

This is great for people who are starting out and don’t know how popular their designs will be. This way might even end up cheaper for you, thanks to bulk-purchase prices!

Partner With Us

Keen to explore print on demand further? Get in touch with Nancy at Dori Apparel, to discuss what options might be best for your business.